List of gems only obtainable by drops

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Was just wondering if anyone ever came across a compiled list of gems that are only obtainable through drops? I.E. you can't get them as quest rewards.

These are, by their nature, more rare than their quest reward counterparts. Would be nice to have a list like this to prevent getting scammed while bartering.


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According to the Path of Exile wiki, there are only a few gems that are not quest rewards:

  • Added Chaos Damage (can randomly be sold by Catarina)
  • Detonate Mines
  • Empower (can randomly be sold by Haku)
  • Enhance (can randomly be sold by Tora)
  • Enlighten (can randomly be sold by Catarina)
  • Portal

There are also 2 skills that are only obtainable by vendor recipes

  • Mirror arrow: Blink Arrow plus an Orb of Alteration.
  • Block Chance Reduction: Puncture plus any dexterity based shield with 20% quality.
February 19, 2013 18:20 PM

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