Urho3D SDL_GetWindowWMInfo and Invalid window handle (help) How to correct obtain HWND from SDL2

by Wanderer   Last Updated September 11, 2019 23:13 PM

I use Urho3D which use SDL2 as window system. I want create another window as GUI and make it child for main window of Urho3D.

What I did is:

// insde virtual void Start() // Urho3D app
SDL_Window * sdlw = context->GetSubsystem<Graphics>()->GetWindow();
int width = context->GetSubsystem<Graphics>()->GetWidth();
int height = context->GetSubsystem<Graphics>()->GetHeight();
HWND mw = SDLWindows::GetWindowHWND(sdlw);
wpfC = WPFI::CreateWPFControl(0, 0, width, height);
HWND www = SetParent(wpfC, mw); // SetParent is windows function
if (www == NULL)
    std::cout << "------------------------------\n"
        << "www = NULL\n"
        << GetLastError() << "\n"
        << "------------------------------\n";

HWND SDLWindows::GetWindowHWND(SDL_Window * wnd)
    SDL_SysWMinfo sysInfo;
    SDL_GetWindowWMInfo(wnd, &sysInfo);
    return sysInfo.info.win.window;

I got Invalid window handle (1400) Error on SetParent().

I am not sure if I am doing it right, but I am sure that my wpfC is ok because I have another test project where it is working but instead SDL window I use win32 Window.

I think SDL_GetWindowWMInfo() give me wrong handle.

Question is how to obtain HWND from SDL_Window correctly and be sure that it is right HWND?

If it is not possible do it that way, is there another way how to create child window from HWND inside main SDL2 window?

Tags : c++ sdl2 urho3d

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