sfml ray casting question texturing my walls

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I'm using SFML 2.4.1 or higher to build my raycaster fps game and I want to texture my walls instead of using the SFML Color class with RGB coloring to color the walls here is my code if you all need the rest of my code I can link it I've got my png images for texturing the walls.

here is pic example: enter image description here

My code here:

    sf::Color color;
        switch (worldMap[mapX][mapY])
        case 1:  color = sf::Color::Red;  break; //red
        case 2:  color = sf::Color::Green;  break; //green
        case 3:  color = sf::Color::Blue;   break; //blue
        case 4:  color = sf::Color::White;  break; //white
        default: color = sf::Color::Yellow; break; //yellow

        //give x and y sides different brightness
        if (side == 1) {
            color = sf::Color(color.r / 2, color.g / 2, color.b / 2);

        //draw the pixels of the stripe as a vertical line
        //verLine(x, drawStart, drawEnd, color);

        sf::Vertex line[2] =
                sf::Vertex(sf::Vector2f(x, drawStart), color),
                sf::Vertex(sf::Vector2f(x, drawEnd), color)
        window.draw(line, 2, sf::Lines);

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