How do I debug Azure Spatial Anchors with Unity on an Android device?

by Ian Rosenberg   Last Updated June 19, 2019 21:13 PM

I've been building an AR app that's already been a pain to debug, because instant preview refuses to work over wifi and usb debugging causes the phone camera to not display on the phone itself. Now I'm at the point where I can integrate Azure Spatial Anchors and I cannot seem to be able to be able to play in the editor. I receive the message:

DllNotFoundException: azurespatialanchorsndk Microsoft.Azure.SpatialAnchors.CloudSpatialAnchorSession..ctor () (at Assets/AzureSpatialAnchorsPlugin/Plugins/Common/AzureSpatialAnchorsBridge.cs:6864) SpatialAnchors.GetCloudManager () (at Assets/Scripts/SpatialAnchors.cs:60) tester.Start () (at Assets/tester.cs:18)

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