Are GPU drivers hand optimized for specific games using low-level APIs?

by CodeSandwich   Last Updated September 01, 2018 17:13 PM

The GPU drivers often have slightly different behavior depending on game or program, which is using them. It optimizes performance, bypasses bugs and improves overall experience in popular games, especially demanding AAA ones. There was even a question on this stack about it a few years ago.

This strategy seems reasonable in the world of high level GPU APIs, like Direct3D up to 11 and OpenGL. These standards are very complicated, drivers don't comply with them perfectly and much of computation burden is pushed to the driver.

But what about the new, low level APIs like Direct3D 12, Vulkan and Metal? The standards are simpler for drivers to implement correctly and less computations are hidden inside the driver, they are in the hands of game authors. There seems to be just much less to do on driver side about improving game experience.

Are GPU drivers hand optimized for specific applications using low level APIs?

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