Isometric Architecture Map Game Data

by War-sloop   Last Updated August 25, 2018 13:13 PM

I'm not sure this kind of question has been answered yet, if so i'm sorry to duplicate it.

My question is rather simple :

I'm creating a simple Isometric game with libgdx, i'm using Tiled but only to design the map and render it with OrthographicMapRenderer.

The map is a static map of 6864 * 6880 pixels, one tile is 59*43 pixels

I wanted to do some pathfinding to my game, so I decided to store my map data into a simple 2D array like this : int cells[i][j] which would contains 0 if the tile is walkable or 1 if it's not, it is as simple as that !

Currently I've simply using basic formula to convert world cartesian coordinate to Isometric coord, and formula to get tile pos based on iso pos, (eg : you input a iso coord, the function return a vector like <2,5> which is the 2nd x tile and 5th y tile.

It perfecttly work as execepted, I also make it that iso tile coord is always positive ( <0,0> is at the top left corner of my world )

But here is my Question or doubt : How to handle correctly the game data tile ? Does a 2D array is sufficient, if yes, how to, for exemple write a function that get if a tile is walkable or no based on tile coord ? ( example : I click on my map, the coordinate is translated to tile coord ( < 4,5> for example,) how to check if this tile is walkable ?, i dont get on how to do it i'm really lost.

Thank you for you help, Regard

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