Generating nav meshes from tile based map (2D)

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I'm working on a pathfinder for a MMORPG game, it's not mine; I'm RE it, now I need to create a pathfinder for monsters. But I figured that the client uses tiles for it's pathfinder (for players). Inside map files, there is a set of walkable and not walkable tiles. (Every coord XY is one tile). Now I wan't to implement the server side path finder, but the problem with these tiles is performance, some maps are 500x500 (250000 tiles). I need to reduce the number of tiles, so I guess I should convert them into navigations meshes, either triangles or bigger squares or rectangles. Is there a tool or an example code to do that? Thanks

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Well I honestly think that the AStart or similar pathfinding algorithms should be able to work in such large scales, because they are mostly high performant.

Probably this helps you a bit : A-Star Algorithm Here the implementation Java Implementation

But regarding large scale maps... probably this helps you a bit... its quite a good article :

Or even an other stack overflow question :

And this here is the best article I have found :

August 10, 2018 11:53 AM

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