Unity Tilemap one way collisions

by WayWay   Last Updated July 11, 2018 19:13 PM

How can we get one way collisions using Tilemaps in Unity?

There doesn't seem to be much online regarding this topic yet.

From this link: https://answers.unity.com/questions/1471156/how-to-make-one-way-platforms-using-a-tilemap.html, I got that we should use a Tilemap Collider 2D for collisions and not use a Composite Collider 2D. Finally, we need a Platform Effector 2D with One-Way enabled.

However, the resulting tiles all behave like normal tiles in that collisions occur along all edges.

Here's what the inspector looks like for the tile map in question. Inspector for the One Way Tilemap

The scene setup looks like this: enter image description here

It looks like the tiles in the scene all have collision edges all the way around.

What needs to be done to allow for one way platforms? Thanks!

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