Implement isometric map in MonoGame

by Quantm   Last Updated May 06, 2018 11:13 AM

I want to implement an isometric map in MonoGame. My understanding is that you create a simple 2D (top-down) map and just rotate the camera so that it looks skewed (isometric).

I installed Tiled and created a simple dummy map:

isometric dummy map

What I don't understand: Do I need to create top-down maps in Tiled or isometric ones (like in my image)? Because, in MonoGame I'll implement it as top-down, but I use the camera to make it look isometric.

The thing is, the images for this dummy map are all isometric. I can't use them for the top-down implementation in Monogame, right? Or should I really use them? Do they look right again, when the camera is in position?

I hope you understand my question :D Hard to describe.

thanks, guys

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