How useful and or popular is FK Forward Kinematics and IK Inverse Kinematics within beginner 2D games made in Java?

by Eudy Contreras   Last Updated February 13, 2018 10:13 AM

Hi community I have been trying to develop an open source tool made in java for plotting skeletons which can then be animated using FK and IK. The tool allows the user to create a skeleton and define rotational and positional constraints for said skeleton. This movements can then be recorded by the tool which the allows for the creation of Key Frame animations. Images can be attached to the tool in order to create animated characters, etc. Ive come to the point in which the complexity of the tool is increasing rapidly along with the time needed in order achieve the remaining goals. I want to know if it is worth it for me to continue working on the tool even when java isn't really used for games. Maybe the tool is too hardcore and therefore pointless. I know that it is possible to export the calculations to JSON for them to be used within different platforms but still!

Is there any use for a tool like this in jave game development community?

Please note that this tool was made simply for personal use and as a personal challenge. I am aware of the fact that there are similar tools out there.

Here are some images:

This image shows a simple 3 segment chain and their angles

enter image description here

This image a tree of segments.

enter image description here

Here is a video of the tool being used

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