2D Isometric Turn Based RPG written in python

by Edu   Last Updated May 18, 2017 01:13 AM

I know some python and I was thinking about starting making an RPG game written on it. I know nothing about game development and never worked with anything graphic. The idea is to start it as a hobby, as well as a way to improve my coding skills and to tell a narrative. I have absolutely no haste to get results but also wish not to waste much time with complex graphical engines and technical details. It's just a hobby after all.

My idea is to do a single-player, turn based RPG, with simple 2D isometric graphics. The idea is to make it feel more or less like a pen and paper RPG, but where the computer does the boring number crunching, so the graphics don't really need to be complex. The idea is just to give enough to guide imagination and orient things spatially. It should also be capable of playing some eventual sounds. it should look like a tabletop representation of the map and characters, with the possibility of opening several windows and drop-down menus. The game is to be played mostly with mouse clicks.

I would like to know some orientation on how to join together both the logical aspect of the game system and the graphic and audio. In others words, where to start. Suggestions for engines and external modules are welcome.

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