Different executions with different results using the same Random seed in LIBGDX

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In my Libgdx project (for PC) I am using a Java Random object initialized with a constant seed. I use the Random object to generate a lot of different pseudorandom integers. I am not using multithreading, but the integers are a bit different each time I execute the application.

How can this be possible?

EDIT: What is really strange is that the Random object is called a few times more in some executions and I don't know why, causing the random numbers to be a bit different for each execution.

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Answers 1

If the number of RNG (Random Number Generator) calls changes depending on frame rate such as using the delta-time (animations, etc) to decide when to pull numbers out of the RNG you will get different results as the frame rate is unlikely to ever be the same between two runs.

Stephane Hockenhull
Stephane Hockenhull
September 11, 2016 22:29 PM

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