How to "Divorce" Macbook's original Apple ID?

by gatorback   Last Updated September 12, 2019 01:12 AM

An MBA (Macbook Air) is configured with High-Sierra. It was bought and configured with a relatives Apple ID. I inherited the MBA: the iCloud account is set to my Apple ID. When trying install Apple updates, both Apple IDs do not work. Why is this and what is the remedy?

I would like my Apple ID to be authoritative to enable updates from Apple. What would need to be done?

Answers 1

Apple covers this expertly.

Once you have a backup, you can restore the documents and not the apps or restore the apps and delete only the ones with an embedded AppleID that’s wrong.

With this procedure you don’t need any access to any AppleID or any previous passwords.

September 12, 2019 00:51 AM

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