Does anyone know how to create an Apple ID? Account creation is failing

by bp256r1   Last Updated September 11, 2019 17:12 PM

I'm a software engineer who's trying to create an Apple ID so I can download a copy of macOS that I can use for development - but, I'm not sure how to create an Apple ID - I'm, not smart, and, I need help.

I've tried created an Apple ID via:

  • The web browser; and
  • The App Store on my MacBook Pro.

Whenever I try to create an Apple ID via the web browser, account creation fails immediately after I submit the e-mail verification code - it says "your account could not be created at this time".

Whenever I try to create an Apple ID via the App Store, account creation appears to silently fail at the end of the process. It looks like there might be a pop-up raised immediately after I try to create an account, but, it disappears after 10-15ms and I can't tell what it says.

I've tried to create an account via each mechanism 3-5 times/each.

My e-mail address is <name>@<name>.ca, maybe that's not supported yet?

Does anyone know how this works?

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