Make Mac eject USB drives when going to slumber or sleep/wake

by dDutch   Last Updated June 21, 2019 14:12 PM

I have an external drive, a "Western Digital My Passport for Mac". I used to leave that connected and walk away from my MacBook Pro. The mac often went to slumber and many times the "not properly ejected" message popped up. Being used to Windows I just clicked it away. Windows often gives errors that have no consequences. Until at one time the disc stopped mounting. I can't help but think that that is connected to the error and lack of ejecting properly.

Is there a way to have the Mac eject USB drives safely when it goes to sleep? Either of it's own accord or even when I have it go to slumber or close the lid?

It's just very cumbersome to have to eject the drive every time I walk away. Having a very chaotic nature doesn't help with that sort of thing...

BTW, just yesterday I got the drive to mount read-only through the MacOS Disc Uility. So I salvaged my files. Would still rather not have that again, because the drive contained some photo's that weren't yet backed up. BTW, the error it displays is with the volume selected (disk passes the first test): Schijf-EHBO uitvoeren op 'My Passport for Mac' (disk2s2)

Bestandssysteem herstellen. Het volume is al gedeactiveerd. fsck_hfs -fy -x /dev/rdisk2s2 uitvoeren Eindcode bestandssysteem is 8. De oorspronkelijke status wordt teruggezet naar gedeactiveerd. Controle of herstel van bestandssysteem mislukt.

Bewerking mislukt…

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