Upload MP3 to iPhone 4 and listen it from there

by Mikhail Vladimirov   Last Updated April 15, 2019 10:12 AM

I have iPhone 4 and I want to upload some MP3 files to it to listen them from there.

I know that I may use iTunes to do this, and I did this in the past, but, as far as I know, iTunes will delete all MP3 files that are already on iPhone, before uploading new ones. The problem is that iPhone already has some MP3 files that I cannot afford to loose, and I don't have these files anywhere outside this iPhone. Also, the laptop I used to upload existing MP3 files via iTunes, I don't have it anymore.

So, I need to either:

  1. to download existing MP3 files from iPhone to PC (preferred option), or
  2. to upload new MP3 files to iPhone without deleting existing ones.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answers 1

An easy solution in this case would be to install VLC for Mobile app on your iPhone.

This app is the iOS counterpart of the popular VLC media player app for desktops. Once installed, you can directly copy the desired MP3 files into the VLC iOS app via using File Transfer feature.

After installing the app on your iPhone, connect it to your Mac or PC and launch iTunes. Within iTunes, select your device followed by File Transfer in the iTunes sidebar. Under File Transfer you'll be able to see VLC. Select the app, and drag & drop the desired MP3 files from your computer onto the file area in iTunes.

This way you'll be able to transfer desired audio/video files onto your iPhone without disrupting the ones already accessible via the Music app.

Important: Make sure not to sync/auto sync your iPhone when it is connected to iTunes to avoid losing any media already on your iPhone.

Nimesh Neema
Nimesh Neema
April 15, 2019 09:53 AM

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