Easy way to convert file paths with escape characters to human readable file paths?

by wide_eyed_pupil   Last Updated August 10, 2018 10:12 AM

I generate file paths for use in emails by dragging the folder/file in question into Terminal.app then copy & pasting the generated text into an email text.

pCloud\ Drive/SEN\ pCloud/SEN\ Tech\ Team/Clean\ Energy\ WA\ Study\ 2016/For\ checking/AB\ checks/SEN\ RE\ SWIS\ 2030\ notes\ for\ AB\ checks\ -\ Backup\ input\ table\ tab\ (5.1.16).docx

needs to become

pCloud Drive/SEN pCloud/SEN Tech Team/Clean Energy WA Study 2016/For checking/AB checks/SEN RE SWIS 2030 notes for AB checks - Backup input table tab (5.1.16).docx

All the backslashes for escaped spaces need deleting. Looking for a quick way to remove. Someone mentioned a Finder trick for doing this but now I've forgotten it.

I tried to create a Finder Service to do a simple find & replace in Automator but couldn't get it done. Automator will allow me to make it appear in Applications under Services (although on my current macOS I don't seem to see that menu, maybe I need to do something to enable it).

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