Can man pages be converted to html and pdf format?

by David Anderson   Last Updated February 13, 2018 14:12 PM

The command man bash produces a lot of output. What I would desire would be to either search the results or print the results to paper. So, is there a way to convert a man page to a html and/or pdf document.

I would prefer the answer work for not only man bash, but rather for any man page.

I know the output from man bash has been posted on the internet, but usually these posts are not current.

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Yes, there are numerous tools to convert manual pages to HTML and PDF.

UNIX Approach

See these related questions:


Another approach is to use the popular pandoc tool. This tool can convert manual pages to a wide range of formats.

Link x-man-page

macOS's offers a x-man-page URL scheme for pretty printing manual pages. Try the open the link below to see the ls man page:

Graham Miln
Graham Miln
February 13, 2018 13:54 PM

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