2017 Macbook pro bluetooth module alot weaker than Iphone 7 Plus bluetooth module

by Granny   Last Updated February 13, 2018 12:12 PM

So I recently got some Apple AirPods for work because my standard EarPods stopped working. Now I noticed that when I have my phone paired to the AirPods I can walk to the other side of the house with multiple thick walls (concrete) in between me (the AirPods) and the phone without having any stutters or losing connection.

But when I am using it with my macbook (at work), I cant even move 10m away (without anything in between me and the laptop) from my laptop without it stuttering or just losing connection completely.

Is it because the macbook is made for sitting in front of the laptop (Which is logical of course but still)? And the Iphone has a stronger bluetooth signal because its made to allow it to work for further distances?

I would have thought that the desktop variant would contain stronger and better parts? (as in signal not in build quality of course).

Kind regards, Robbert

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