Are there "any" automatic expense tracking app for iOS like walnut in Android?

by Manish   Last Updated February 13, 2018 11:12 AM

I have just recently moved to iOS from Android and the app which I am missing the most is Walnut. It automatically analyses the SMS messages and adds to the expenses and categorizes them. It is linked to my bank accounts where I can check my balance and also reminds me of my credit card dues. It's also connected to all my mobile wallets.

After trying several iOS apps, I understand that it's Apple's privacy policy to not allow apps to read other apps' data. Is there "any" app which can systematically help me track my expenses? I will gladly allow any access required and am willing to go as far as copying the messages manually if required. I am willing to pay too, if the price seems legit to me.

Please provide help. I truly want to have my finances tracked with minimal effort from my side.

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