Nothing Downloading

by Nadia Pflug   Last Updated January 12, 2018 22:12 PM

So, I'm an iPhone 5c user, who was on iOS 8 for quite a while. I recently was convinced to update to the newest update (which I believe is 10.3.3), and ever since then, my phone has been littered with issues. It started with my phone constantly deleting my tabs after leaving Safari, then my camera roll being wiped (the photos eventually got restored, but this keeps happening multiple times), as well as my music, podcasts, and contacts being deleted off my phone. The most recent issue, and the main one I'm asking about, is that my phone is absolutely refusing to download anything, which includes the previously-mentioned podcasts and music, but mainly any apps or updates. If I try, after a short while, an error message will come up saying 'Unable to Download'. I've done a lot of research, and tried basically everything recommended, including restarting the phone, force rebooting the phone, force closing the App Store itself, signing in and out of my Apple ID, and such, to no avail (I even attempted that clearing-the-cache thing on the App Store, but it doesn't seem to work.) I hope that someone can help with this issue.

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