Reinstall Apache?

by David Vincent Gagne   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:12 PM

I have completely borked my Apache installation on High Sierra.

I had a wonderful local development environment running prior to the update, and when I upgraded to High Sierra I attempted to force it to use PHP5 instead of PHP7 and in the course of doing so (and then trying to undo what I'd done) I made everything worse.

Regardless of what I do with apachectl commands, I just get:

AH00534: httpd: Configuration error: No MPM loaded.

I have Googled that many, many times and am only finding Linux / Unix sites with information that does not apply.

No, I can't find any useful information by looking at the results of tail logs.

No, I do not have / cannot use any of the ~previous or backup or "original" versions of httpd.conf or associated files (extras/httpd-vhosts.conf, etc.) because I have managed to corrupt them as well.

I also may have installed a second copy of Apache somewhere via Homebrew which is interfering with and / or causing the de facto High Sierra version to act wonky.

Is there any way -- without completely reinstalling the OS -- to reinstall just Apache and get things back to a stable state?

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