Phone dropped in water - Now screen won't turn off (Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII))?

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I currently have a Samsung Galaxy SII (S2)(I9100) that got dropped in water. I took the phone apart (removed the screws on the back and properly took the back off) and left it to dry in a warm place overnight.

The phone works absolutely fine as you'd expect it to, but it now has this weird issue where the screen won't turn off at all, whenever I press the power button to turn the screen off, it comes straight back on again. If I let it go to sleep with it's own "timout" it just comes back on straight away also.

It has been factory reset and still does it. It has stock Android that came with the device, never rooted or had custom ROMS installed.

Here's a video of the problem actually happening:

I assume it has to be a hardware issue from the water damage, but has anyone experienced this? Is it likely I'd be able to change any of the parts inside to try and fix it?

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I'd try an app to turn the screen off, such as this:

Sounds like you've done well to only have this little damage. Perhaps even this will recover in time.

October 20, 2013 19:43 PM

The water evaporating has left now undissolved mineral ions on your phone (ions conduct electricity).Now electricity doesn't go as designed.Also heat cycles will possibly change chemical and physical structure of your hardware.The more you use it the more likely something will get worse

Instead of drying to get rid of water and leave the ions on your phone you should have hoovered the water being cautious not to discharge static electricity to the phone (even though theoretically almost everyone should have damaged their hardware with static many times in their lives it somehow never happens)

Now maybe you should clean it properly (isopropyl alcohol should work the purer the better at least 99%)

The better way to clean it is with bathing it in the alcohol and use ultrasound at the same time which some more professional phonerepairers do with special machines.(You can find some good replacements of the machines for about 50usd) It most often works without ultrasounding but the ultrasound method is much better and fixes the performance of water damaged phone more.

March 22, 2014 19:10 PM

In my case the Screen Off app solved the problem. It allows the user to turn off the screen without pressing the power button.

April 25, 2015 20:32 PM

change the charging connector in the phone.

May 28, 2015 19:29 PM

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