Android 8.1.0 User Certificates and IPSec VPN

by MayoToast   Last Updated October 12, 2018 19:11 PM

The System

  • OS: 8.1.0 (Oreo / AndroidOne Program)
  • Phone: Nokia 6.1
  • Kernel: 4.4.78-perf+
  • Other details: Phone is encrypted, has a stock OS

The problem

I have a VPN to connect to and have the appropriate .pem certificates, which I have attempted to install via the file system.

My phone reports that the certificates are installed successfully, but I encounter an issue.

enter image description here

When I click on "Trusted Credentials", there are no credentials listed under the "USER" category.

enter image description here

I think this matters to me, because when I go to add IPSec RSA VPN settings, I am unable to select an "IPSec user certificate".

enter image description here

Is this a bug? What might I be missing? Are .pem files invalid for this use?

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