Dialer apps stop working after a few days in LineageOS (Temporary solution for the standard dialer app is to clear data associated with it)

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I have LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) on Samsung Galaxy S5 Docomo (kltedcm) (from December 2017). To my knowledge, this is the newest and only available version for this device; it is an unofficial version. kernel is 4.4.113-lineageos-g18fa242.

dialer2 is version 2.90, from March 2012.

OpenGapps is version 7.1 pico (from July 2018?).


I cannot seem to use any phone apps for more than a few days, then they stop working. I tried to use:

  • the standard phone app, which in the spirit of making everything as intransparent as possible is called "Phone". I am unsure if this is part of LineageOS or OpenGapps
  • dialer2

In case of "Phone" clearing data (via Settings -> Apps -> Storage) resolves the problem temporarily, in case of dialer2 it does not.

Error message

I am afraid the error message is not very descriptive:

Dialer2 keeps stopping


Phone keeps stopping

In case of dialer2 the error message is visible long enough to comfortably read it, in case of "Phone", the window vanishes immediately (also in the spirit of Android's general philosophy of making everything intransparent).

Both give the option to either close the app (open app again when the error message appears the first time) or to mute until the device restarts.

Attempts to solve either temporarily or permanently

Successful temporary solutions

  • Force stopping "Phone", clear data (via Settings -> Apps -> Storage). For dialer2 this does not have any effect.
  • Installing another dialer seems to resolve the problem only temporarily (dialer2 worked for a few days after "Phone" stopped working). I am reluctant to try other dialers. Almost all of them advertise to be able to interface with contacts in fancy ways (read: their business model is to sell every last bit of information they can find on your device to every last shady branch of the Sicilian mafia) without adding anything substantial. They all seem to be frontends for the same thing.

Unsuccessful temporary solutions

  • Restarting the device has no effect.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling dialer2 has no effect. I do not know how to uninstall and reinstall "Phone".
  • Rebooting in safe mode (suggested for problems like this for stock Android) in itself does not resolve the problem.

Since I have no idea what is wrong in the first place, there is no way I can even attempt to find a permanent solution. All I got is these temporary solutions.

The problem seems to be specific to my non-standard setup. I could not find a lot around the internet about similar problems (suggested solution with standard Android is 1. update (which I cannot do) and 2. start in safe mode (which does not solve the problem for me. Also I do not understand how this should even affect the problem)). No one described anything like what I am observing (phone apps failing one by one after a few days each).

Possible connection to contacts

I have a hunch that this may be connected to contacts. This is suggested in [this answer to a similar question][1] (specifically the answer states that dialer apps may crash if permissions for contacts databases are wrong or if the databases are inconsistent. Not that it is logical that the apps might crash without descriptive error message if they do not like the permissions, but I guess this also follows the spirit in which Android works.

I am using MyLocalAccount to store contacts locally and not syncing them online. (I am not happy with Google knowing who I talk to and selling this to every shit who is willing to pay 25 cents. I realize that Google will still be able to gather most of this information in other ways.) It is possible that this interferes with the dialers; I am uncertain why other users of MyLocalAccount would not have experienced the same problems.


What could be the cause of this?

How do I resolve this permanently? Clearing data every few days kind of works but feels like a strange workaround and there is no telling how long this will work for "Phone" (note that it does not work for dialer2).

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