Problem Sending with Email Icon Selected (gmail icon is OK)

by Guihan   Last Updated May 15, 2018 01:11 AM

My Tab3 has always had both an Email icon and a gmail icon. Until recently, I could use either for sending and receiving emails, but I always found the Email icon easier to use. Also, my ‘New Email’ counter was only attached to the Email icon.

A few weeks ago, I found I could no longer send emails, but could still receive them. I (repeatedly) followed the usual procedure of checking, and even updating, the password, and the gmail security check kept reporting that everything was OK. However, every attempt to send an email was met with a pop-up message telling me I had a ‘Server Error’.

I then decided to try using the gmail icon. To my surprise, this managed to send an email without any problem. OK, I can live with that, but I don’t understand why the Email app. has suddenly stopped sending. Also, using the gmail app. makes it a bit messy to attach pictures to files.

The Email app. is pointing to gmail as the required email service (and the only one I have). Any idea why it has stopped allowing me to send emails?

Tags : security

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