twrp loader is not invoked

by viktor.likin   Last Updated May 01, 2018 15:11 PM

I am changing OS on my Lenovo Tab3 730M. This is main tutorial for me. I've unlocked the bootloader. But the command fastboot reboot passed successfully in the console but it the device was not reloaded actually. The command fastboot unlock-info did not work. I checked this way: fastboot getvar unlocked unlocked: yes finished. total time: 0.002s It was the first problem I had met but I skipped it. Then I installed twrp by this simple commands. fastboot flash recovery twrp.img It showed progress and the success result of copying. The command fastboot reboot did not reloaded the device. In console was out putted the success. I reboot the device manualy, loaded the recovery menu volume up + power but twrp manager was not loaded.

Have anybody an idea where to look? Regards, Viktor

Tags : twrp fastboot

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