Connect to a Cisco VPN with no typing, even if server forbids client password saving

by chaikhosi   Last Updated April 22, 2018 12:11 PM

I have a TV with an Nvidia Shield, which I would like to connect to a Cisco IPsec VPN. The VPN uses a username, password and "shared secret" rather than a certificate. I can connect successfully with the official Cisco client, but the VPN server has a policy setting that clients are not allowed to save passwords and must prompt again each time they connect. The official client, unsurprisingly, obeys this instruction.

Entering a password every time on a TV that usually won't have a keyboard connected is quite annoying, so I'd like to find a better solution.

Does a VPN client exist for Android which supports this type of VPN, but can be configured to ignore the no-password-saving rule?

Or if not, would I be able to write and easily run a script that invokes the official client and feeds it the password, on a 1-click basis with no need to type? I guess something like PowerShell or Applescript, but does Android have an equivalent?

While I'm not really concerned for my own selfish reasons about the security of this VPN password, in the interests of Doing Stuff Right, I'd be interested in a solution that doesn't just store the password as plaintext on my Shield.

I am a beginner Java programmer, so in principle I'm not scared of code, but this would be my first time ever coding something to solve a real world problem.

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