It the any map app which is using google maps APIs but work perfectly without GPS?

by XuMuK   Last Updated April 10, 2018 18:11 PM

As I have searched - everybody asking about OFFLINE maps, but I am asking about maps which can use just simple google maps, but does not ask any permissions to GPS.

Currently original goolge maps are without GPS location permission, but they are not working until I turn ON the GPS. Maybe there is any option to force google maps working without asking any location data.

Usually, I know my exact location (when I am walking) or I can determine it very fast - just go to the road cross and you know your position +/- 50 meters. Then I just want to find the shortest way to location I choose. I don't need any offline map - it won't save battery. But turning the GPS off - does.

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If your goal is to save battery life by disabling GPS, then simply disable GPS. In Settings, set location mode to "Battery saving" (WiFi + Bluetooth, but no GPS). This leaves location services on, but disables GPS. Android will still locate your device using WiFi techniques, but not using orbiting satellites, which takes more power.

Further, I can use Google Maps without location services enabled, at least on Android 8.1. Google Maps asks you to enable location services, but you can just say no.

April 10, 2018 17:53 PM

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