Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Stuck at Samsung logo with no recovery and no download mode

by Jamil Ahmed   Last Updated March 08, 2018 14:11 PM


I was having CWM recovery with custom ROM "CyanogenMod" and recently I flashed "LineageOS" successfully but I noticed that phone internal storage is being occupied by previous ROM files and folders so I tried to delete everything to have a phone in clean condition with only "LineageOS" files. By mistake I format /boot, /system, /data, /cache and /sdcard and after that I reboot to system.

Weird Stage: (don't know if its soft brick or hard brick)

:( At this stage, my phone stuck at Samsung logo with no access to recovery mode and download mode. I tried

  • Volume up + home + power = No recovery mode and just Samsung logo
  • Volume down + home + power = No download mode and stuck at warning screen with a yellow triangle but pressing volume up is not entering to download mode

:( Also, phone is not detected by Odin or ADB in PC with having correct Samsung USB drivers and also tried Kies but phone is not recognized by pc at all.

I tried some solutions like

  • flashing debrick.img into SD card and try to boot with it but no success
  • pulled off the battery for many hours and after putting it back have no success to access download mode
  • Tried with different USB cables and different OS like Windows 8, 7 on different PC

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