Sd card COMPLETELY unrecognizable after rooting

by marnix409   Last Updated February 13, 2018 12:11 PM

Around a year ago, I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab T-113. I cannot find the respective rooting thread anymore, so I cannot provide any links :/

I do remember that the thread told me from the start, that the external sd card (Sandisk class 4 32GB, used for rooting) would be locked to the device after rooting it.

The external sd card functioned without any issues for a while, until the device got into a bootloop. I restored the device to factory settings after which the sd card became unreadable, not even recognized as corrupt by the device.

I then tried formatting the sd card through Windows, but Windows doesn't recognize my sd card either.. no sound, no cards in device manager. It can't even be recognized by other phones/laptops (tried multiple)

Is anyone aware of any rooting tools which actually locked the sd card to the device? I'm trying to find the method, in order to find a solution..

Or does anyone know how I can retrieve the data from the sd card? (maybe through additional purchasable hardware for sd card recoveries?

Thanks in advance! :)

P.s: the sd card was never exposed to extreme temperatures or water.

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