Moto Droid doesn't see USB flash

by Moto in AZ   Last Updated November 14, 2017 15:11 PM

I have a Moto Droid Max - Android 6.0. It won't recognize / show a USB / OTG connected SD card in reader.

Same phone, same OTG cable, I connect a wired USB mouse, and it work immediately.

Same OTG cable, same SD Card reader and SD card, connected to my old Galaxy Tab Note running 4.4.2, and as soon as it is plugged in, file manager opens showing the SD card.

How do I get my phone to see the USB???

Note - saw this:

OTG USB 3.0 not working in Moto G3

which suggests it's a Moto update issue. Is that it? Since 6.0 is 2 years old, My fear is that if this is the issue, Moto wont fix it.

Is there another way to do this apart from buying a new phone?

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