Android VPN and sick proposals

by Lapsio   Last Updated November 03, 2017 00:11 AM

Today I set up L2TP/IPSec VPN just for Android because of course it doesn't support OpenVPN and after around hour of debugging I've seen this in router logs:

authtype mismatch my:sha512, peer:sha256,sha1,md5
trns_id mismatch my:aes256-cbc, peer:3des,des

Wait... Google, are you kidding me? 3des? Really? Okay but jokes aside - how can I get VPN client for Android that isn't broken out of box? My router proposals are: sha512 for pass hash, aes256-cbc for session keys and 4096 bit DH renegotiated every 30 min for exchange. Is it possible to change proposals of stock Android VPN client or do I have to get 3rd party app? Are there any more 'official' VPN apps or all of them are casual 3rd party products?

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