e-reader with Custom dictionary

by S Nash   Last Updated October 30, 2017 15:11 PM

I'm using my Kindle fire to read Textbooks.

I tried at least a dozen of readers and so far I found ezPDF Reader to be the best for my purpose.

However ezPDF reader lacks 2 important functions:

  1. Adjust the Text to speech speed.

  2. (Most important) be able to customize pronunciations. For example, In my computer book, I have C#. I need this to be read as C-Sharp. Currently, the reader reads it as C-Hash.

Do you know any reader which has its own pronouncing dictionary? or do you know any other methods to achieve this?

Also(very annoying) ezPDF reader mispronounce words in capital letters.

For example, CHAPTER 2 is read as C_H_A_P_T_E_R 2

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