A pdf viewer that automatically reloads the file?

by Pink and Floyd   Last Updated October 25, 2017 20:11 PM

I was wondering whether there is any way of achieving the following:

suppose I split the screen into two and on the left I have a pdf viewer with a file, say 'abc.pdf' open and on the right I have a programme which generates pdf files. Suppose I overwrite 'abc.pdf' with a new version of this pdf file. Is there any PDF app which would then automatically acknowledge the change?

Specifically, I am using Termux and a text editor Micro inside it to generate latex files. Then I use pdflatex inside Termux to generate a pdf file. What I can do is execute 'pdflatex abc.tex && termux-open abc.pdf', but it only works as intended first time round. Subsequent executions don't lead to the new version of the pdf file being open. Any ideas? I'll be eternally grateful.

By the way, the ability to do proper work with latex on android with a wireless keyboard is amazing!

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