How can I get the email app to sync again?

by TRiG   Last Updated September 09, 2017 12:11 PM

I have an IMAP email account, which I use in the email app on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, in Thunderbird on my Ubuntu laptop, and in SeaMonkey on my Windows laptop*.

A while ago, the TLS cert on the mail server expired. In Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, I could override the warnings and still get my email. The Android tablet did not offer any mechanism to achieve this. That’s okay. The thing is, I now do have a new up-to-date TLS cert on the mail server, and the tablet still refuses to sync my email.

  • If I hit the refresh button at the top of my inbox, it looks like it’s doing something: it circles for a while, but no new email comes in, and the “Last updated” date at the top of the inbox does not change: it still shows a date from over a month ago.
  • If I go into Settings → Accounts → Email, it says “Sync disabled”, but doesn’t offer any way to enable it (and I don’t know whether “sync” there is referring to IMAP Email sync, or to something else: it also says “Sync disabled” on my Firefox and Google accounts. Under Sync settings, “Sync Email” is turned on, but the message “Master sync has been disabled” shows up under it.

What’s going on here, and how can I get my email back on my tablet?

* The same laptop, actually. Not that this is relevant.

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