Why is Outlook for Android using a weird From address?

by uSlackr   Last Updated August 20, 2017 20:11 PM

My wife uses Outlook.com for her email and has an alias assigned from a domain we own. The alias is the default address. Works great while she is using outlook.com.

She also uses Outlook for Android (OFA) on the Galaxy Edge 7. She's signed into the same account, but when she goes to compose an email, the From shows as an odd [email protected] address instead of her alias.

In the drop down of aliases in OFA, her normal outlook.com address appears along with the weird one, but the alias from our domain is not displayed.

Last odd fact is in the OFA account settings, the Account Name is actually listed as our domain alias account.

What I've done.

  • Swapped the default aliases a couple times on Outlook.com
  • Reset the account in OFA
  • Removed and added the account on OFA
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled OFA
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