android 5.1. built-in mail client can't search subfolders

by Martin   Last Updated August 12, 2017 04:11 AM

Using Huawei 5YII, when I open a subfolder in my Exchange mail account, it shows no mail, even though I've put mails there on my PC yesterday - well within the 2 week sync range I've set in settings. It shows "last updated" a minute ago, "no mail". When I try to search, it just repeats "no mail". Curiously, when i try force refresh it, by dragging down, it says "Can't connect to server". But should it not be possible to search the mails on the server, even if they are not synced, and even if they are not within the sync range? If I choose "sync all", will I get all my (10,000+) emails down on my phone?

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