Google Play Store don't show latest update for K-9 Mail

by CrownedEagle   Last Updated May 01, 2017 11:11 AM

I have installed K-9 Email Client on my mobile from Play Store.. The latest version available on Play Store is 5.206 and is last updated on 14th March 2017..K-9 on Play Store

But when I checked the same app on F-Droid app store the latest version available is 5.207 and last updated on 17th April 2017.. K-9 on android

In addition, I can't update my app from F-droid as it is signed with different key and so I have uninstall currently installed app. But doing that I will loose all my data and synced emails and I would have to reconfigure app as per my need as not all setting on K-9 can be exported.. enter image description here

Is these solution to this or anwser why Play Store is taking so long to update lasted app version??

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