Gmail for Exchange or Microsoft Exchange Active Sync

by VojtÄ›ch Dohnal   Last Updated March 30, 2017 10:11 AM

We are using Office365 Exchange cloud email accounts.

I have configured Samsung Galaxy A3 and there are 2 email apps by default - GMail and E-mail (probably from Samsung?).

I have added Google account and Exchange account to the phone settings but then could not find the e-mail account in the E-mail app and found it in Gmail app. On the other hand the Gmail account shows only in the E-mail app.

When trying to connect the E-mail app to Office365 account, it creates second Microsoft Exchange Active Sync account that presumably synchronizes independently from GMail Exchange account.

It is quite a messy, what would be the most convenient way for the user to configure those accounts and clients presuming that the user wants to save contacts to Google account and view e-mail & calendar on Office365 account?

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