How do I open a file on the desktop under Android 6

by andrewH   Last Updated March 20, 2017 05:11 AM

I have certain document files that I need to refer to frequently, that I want to keep on my tablet home screen. On my old Android 5.1 tablet I was able to put them on the home screen using the ES File Explorer. When I would single-tap the file, I would get a pop-up dialog asking what app to use to open the file.

Now I have a new Samsung tablet with Android 6 and Nova Launcher. I have again put the files on the desktop with ES File Explorer, and when I single-tap them, I get the same pop-up dialog. However, when I choose an app, none of them can open the file. I have tried this with five different apps that read pdf's, and also with additional apps on other types of document files. In a few cases the result is to open the app with no input, so I get an open document reader and no document, but in most cases I get some version of a file not found error. Aldiko says that I have attempted to "invoke method boolean java.lang.string.equals" on a null object. Acrobat say "The file could not be accessed. Check the location or the network and try again"

Does anyone have a clue how I can get back the ability to open files on the desktop?

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