How do I configure a proxy when VPN is active?

by Arseni Mourzenko   Last Updated November 05, 2017 22:11 PM

I am using OpenVPN to connect mobile devices to internet. The devices use Android Lollipop, and OpenVPN Connect as VPN client.

I want those devices to connect through a proxy as well.

When I configure the proxy server in the connection settings of the Android device, the proxy is used as expected before I turn VPN on. Once the VPN connection is opened, however, the proxy settings are ignored.

There is an Add Proxy option in OpenVPN Connect client, but as I understand it, it allows to use the proxy for the initial connection to the VPN server itself. I tried it myself, and websites accessed from Chrome on Android don't appear in the logs of VPN server.

How do I force Android device to use a specific proxy server independently of active VPN connections?

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Answers 1

I can confirm this is still an issue for Android v5.1.1.

I tried following and they can't fix this issue:

1) add proxy inside "openvpn connect". The added proxy can't apply to active VPN connection. The connection can't be made if specify openvpn to use a proxy because openvpn connect tries to connect to the added proxy address.

2) specifying Proxy address with current Android network does not help either. Chrome and Play Store just ignore the proxy settings.

So I think the scenario in this case is:

openvpn client -> openvpn server -> proxy server

So the http-proxy directive should not be able to applied here.

Are there ways to achieve this goal?

November 05, 2017 21:59 PM

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