Download a file without SD card on android 2.3.4

by Forivin   Last Updated June 29, 2018 13:11 PM

So I just booted up my old Xperia Neo and found myself to be unable to do almost anything.
I actually just wanted to download an app from the Playstore and test it.
But when I open the Playstore, I get Error while retrieving information from server [RH-01]. Googleing how to fix that I found a post where someone mentioned that you need to install "gapps". So I downloaded that using my PC.

But I cannot connect the internal phone storage to my computer, only the empty SD-card slot. No matter if I'm in MTP or MSC mode. So I fired up the browser on my phone and tried to download the files directly. But now my browser says "An SD card is required to download gapps[...].zip". I do have enough storage left on my phone.

So basically the phone is bricked.

Android version: 2.3.4
ROM: Xperia Slim v2.20
Root: yes
Browser: default
File explorer: none

Answers 2

Well, you could use a long method. But it works.

Step one: download Aptoide here

Step two: Install it. Obligatory warnings will pop up, just tick the Box "unknown sources" in settings > security.

Step three: Search for ES file explorer, and install that too.

Step four: Find your GApps link, and copy it

Step five: add that link as a bookmark in ES file explorer

Step Six: open link, and download GApps using ES file explorer.

  • If This throws up the need for an SD card, use the settings in ES file explorer to fine tune it to internal storage.

Step Seven- Flash your GApps package (you have root, so I assume you know how that works.)

Step Eight: Profit! Oh and clear your cache and Davlik, and reboot.

Dan Brown
Dan Brown
August 03, 2016 21:05 PM

I want to download without sd card i have samsung galaxy ace gt S5830

Grievance Mutero
Grievance Mutero
June 29, 2018 12:31 PM

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