Misc. files that I can't find but that take up about a half of available storage

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I have the following problem: about half of my phone storage is filled by files that grouped as Misc in Android Storage app. The problem is that I can't find these files. If I open the Misc. category there is no files displayed that can fill up that much space (the same thing goes for ES File Explorer SD card analyst).

So the question is how I can find this files. (I have a suspicion that it's some kind of remnants from BOINC application, but this is not helping me in any way)

Storage screenshot from Android Inside of the Misc. category
Info about taken space from ES explorer

Storage screenshots (click images for larger variants)

Here should've been another image to illustrate the situation with analysis from ES File Explorer SD card analyst, but I don't have enough karma for that.

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Consider these possibilities:

  • Do you have "Recycle Bin" enabled in ES Explorer? If so, check the Recycle Bin folder. Its easy to forget sometimes that your deleted files aren't actually deleted when using ES.
  • If you wiped-clean or reset your phone to factory recently, it might be keeping your previous data somewhere, normally in a .android folder somewhere.
  • Also you can enable to show hidden files in ES Explorer, maybe might give hints.
  • ES Cleaner too, run it and see what it finds and thinks you can clear. Most times, it provides the link to the directory where the files tantamount to cleaning are.

I can think of the above now. I hope it helps

December 19, 2015 13:20 PM

You can try DiskUsage app (free), it shows detailed information about memory usage and also gives you option to:

  • Scan internal or external SD and graphically display space occupied by directories/ sub directories

  • Choose files / sub directories / directories for deletion

  • Re-Scan after deletion so that you can free up desired storage space

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Lasha Jalaghonia
Lasha Jalaghonia
December 19, 2015 13:23 PM

I have got the same issue.

In my 8GB Samsung Galaxy phone it shows 493MB as "other files". But actually there is only 54MB data when I do explore->select all->details

I have moved practically everything away from my device storage to the SD card. What is occupying the already crammed spaced in my phone?

April 24, 2018 18:56 PM

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