Joomla cache handler only shows memcached

by Bastiaan   Last Updated April 04, 2015 02:04 AM

My cache handler in Joomla! only shows 'memcached (experimental)', and not File etc. I was able to change the cache handler in my configuration.php but I'd still like to know why File is not shown as a cache handler option? How can I fix it? I checked folder rights already.

Thank you

Answers 1

Create a folder called "Cache" to the root of your website (or to the directory where you have installed Joomla) and apply 755 permission to it. Then disable cache plugin, and you should be able to select "File" as Cache handler.

Hope it helps

PS: To remove "memcached" you can delete all the lines including "memcached" from your configuration.php file (remember to set 644 and when you finish editing back to 444)

Luca Sbenaglia
Luca Sbenaglia
February 02, 2015 22:23 PM

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