How do I unit test component methods that use the logger?

by glenatron   Last Updated July 12, 2019 15:10 PM

I have unit tests running for my component ( using a bootstrap file to get the usual requirements ) but as soon as I add any logging I start seeing Class '\Joomla\CMS\Log\Log' not found errors. I have tried mocking out the log class, but I don't know how to assign my mock to the global JLog namespace. My tests were passing before I added logging to the methods, so I know that the bootstrap is good in principle, it just seems to be the log that is throwing it.

My setup looks like this:

       public function setUp():void {
            $this->channel_store = $this->createMock('ChannelStore');
            $this->application = $this->getMockBuilder(JApplication::class)
                                ->setMethods(['get', 'set'])
            JFactory::$application = $this->application;

            $this->log = $this->getMockBuilder(JLog::class)

            //  JLog = $this->log; ???

What do I need to do in order to mock out JLog correctly?

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