I cannot install due to memory being exhausted

by Eoin   Last Updated June 10, 2019 17:10 PM

I have a problem with a Joomla! site that I did not build. It is due to memory being exhausted. When I try to install I get this message:

 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24576 bytes) in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/libraries/src/Table/Nested.php on line 1340

I'm sure it is not a memory issue as I have raised the memory limit (in the hope that I would be able to update Admin Tools and Akeeba Backup at least whilst I troubleshoot.

Previous to this I had a problem with duplicate IDs in the extensions table. I manually updated these by using PHP My Admin to download a CSV and update all the duplicate 0 IDs with incremented numbers.

I have disabled any extensions I don't recognise except Joomla! Core

I have reuploaded via FTP all the latest Joomla! files

When I look in extensions > Manage I find multiple copies of things like F0F3 and even templates like Beez and Hathor. Uninstalling them removes them all, so I'm keen to avoid that.

Firstly, how can I remove the duplicates? My guess would be that duplicate extensions would take a lot more memory if all being activated at the same time.

I see multiple copies of the Akeeba in the extensions table, but I don't see it in the admin menu. The same with Admin Tools.

The Admin tools plugin does not seem to exist.

I'm concerned this is a hacked site if I'm honest.

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