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by JM99   Last Updated February 12, 2018 18:10 PM

I have been looking at some of the CSS classes, defined for the Protostar Template - specifcally, the span classes related to the widths of fluid columns.

The basic (intuitive) interpretation of the span classes is that you should be able to fit 12 divided by span-number columns across the page. However, each column appears to acquire a margin-left setting of about 2.127659574% but insufficent allowance is made in the column width to allow for this and still to respect the intuitive interpretation. For example, with span6, the width is set to be 48.936170208%. Adding the 2.127659574% for the margin, gives more than 50% for the "effective" column width, meaning that only one (rather than 12/6=2) will fit across a page.

Similar considerations apply to:

  • span2 width: 14.89361702%; (effective column width > 17% > 100*2/12)
  • span3 width: 23.404255317%; (effective column width > 25.5% > 100*3/12)
  • span4: width: 31.914893614%; (effective column width > 34% > 100*4/12)
  • span12 width: 99.99999999%; (effective column width > 100%)

Reducing the width slightly seems to correct this "problem".

Any idea why this has been done in this way? Of course, I may have missed something!

JM99, Abingdon, UK.

P.S. Does anyone know what hapened to Joomla's "own" forum ( I cannot connect to it any more.

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