Smart Search - Same Content but Different indexes and front-end results

by FFrewin   Last Updated February 11, 2018 15:10 PM

I have not a deep experience with the ins and outs of Smart Search. I am trying to figure out why I am getting different search results after searching with the exact same term in those 2 instances of the same database but the one is on a 3.8.5 Joomla install and the other is on a 3.7.5. The content is on Zoo and it is identical in both sites. And the only smart search plugin that is enabled is that of the zoo smart search.

I also noticed that for the 3.7.5 site that returns more results, I got a database error of full #__finder_token table, during indexing and I had to update MySQL configuration in order to complete the procedure. Overall the indexing is taking longer for this website, like it has more work to do than the other.

In contrast on the 3.8.5 site, indexing was progressing a lot faster and with no the above database problem.

Note that both these 2 websites are on the same server with the exact same setup.

In the statistics of Smart Search I get:

3.7.5 Site:

The indexed content on this site includes 287,634 terms across 478 links with 171 attributes in 9 branches.

3.8.5 Site:

The indexed content on this site includes 8,883 terms across 478 links with 165 attributes in 9 branches.

I compared all the settings relative to smart search that I could think of, and they seem identical.

What could possibly affect the Smart Search indexing, so I end up with such big differences in the results?

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