New Router // Nesting, Unique URLs and Multi Parent View Hierarchy

by Sven Bluege   Last Updated November 29, 2017 21:10 PM

I'm looking for documentation about the new Router arrived in Joomla 3.8/4.0. I already spend some time to figure out how to leverage this new implementation approach to my component and stumbled upon some difficulties.

My main questions are:

  1. does the router support nested views without a parent view?
  2. how to implement a view with multiple parent views?
  3. are the build URLs supposed to avoid duplicated content?
  4. is there any good dev documentation about the new Routing System?

For 1. I already filed Joomla 3.8 // New Router & Nested View

For 2. I have an item view which can be the child view of a category view or another view. Links to an item don't use the correct ItemId. Maybe this is related to 3.

For 3. I have several menu items which can show the same item. One menu item links to the root category, another to a subcategory. While browsing, I would like to stay within the current menu item. But if I jump from the root menu item to the subcategory, I follow the link to the other menu item.

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